How to watch

 how to watch and download movies online free.  please bookmark watchnewmovie.org and watchnewmovie.net

please Note you must click on the play button to get started  and wait for movie to load at least 5 to 10 mins before you can start watching 

 only Movies updated on or after  13/01/2017   fullscreen fixed mobile and  tablet version all fixed. if movie keep  freezing /stop then  please pause it for 5 to 10 mins let the movie load well before you can start watching. if you waited long enough and movie did not start playing then please refresh /reload the page. and try again if movie does not play at all then please report it it so  we can update.

here is the full list of browsers and devices that we tested and it should work.


Chrome version  10 or higher » Yes ?

Firefox  version 18 or higher » Yes ?

Internet Explorer version 11 or higher »Yes ?

Opera version  12.10 or higher » Yes ?

Android  version 4.0 or higher » Yes ?

iOS version  5.1 or higher » Yes ?

Amazon Silk version 3 or higher »Yes ?

Android 4.4 version or higher » Yes ?

BlackBerry version 10.2 or higher » Yes ?

Windows Phone 8.1 version or » Yes ?

LG WebOS or higher »Yes ?

Sony Playstation 4 or higher » Yes ?

Sony Playstation Vita (NetFront NX) » Yes

 we strongly recommend that you use a computer to play all of the movies and TV show within the site


if you cant hear or have any sound issues with new released movies on your mobile then  please use a computer to watch.
5  to watch TV show click on EP1  for example  to watch episode 2  click on EP2

 watch all your favourite Movies online free without downloading any app or registering its absolutely free
watch on your phone PlayStation Computer tablet tv and many more devices.

 if you not able to watch movies on this site than please update your browsers to its latest version that’s all you need.

please report any movie that is not working so we can update. 

if you don’t report we do not update 


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