At Granny’s House (2015)

Release Date:
Runtime: 83 mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Rachel Alig, Bill Oberst Jr., Les Mahoney, Glenda Morgan Brown, Laura Lee, Nissa Von Reiter, Bryant Watts, Charles A. Baird, Mikey Pounds, Becca Brandt, Robert Ridenour, Kathie Lindstadt, Melissa Bazis, Travis Wolever, Rosalinda The Number One Dog, Cathy Starkebaum, Ben Martinez, Tricia Michael, LaVonne Hart

watch At Granny’s House 2015 online free Marion Rogers (Granny), an elderly lady in the small town of Haley, reluctantly accepts the mysterious Rebecca Torrance as her live-in caregiver, but eventually the two form a strong friendship. Rebecca soon sells Granny on the idea of turning the house into a guest house for travelers looking for free accommodations., which, in turn, leads to revealing Rebecca’s dark and fatal secret. A strange love triangle forms when Rebecca and Ted, a guest at the house, fall in love. This leads to a violent confrontation that will forever change the lives of all the residents AT GRANNY’S HOUSE. A typical Midwest house. A sweet little old lady. When a caretaker moves in to help out, Granny’s House becomes a macabre place of death – and love.


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