Chosen (2014)

Release Date:
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Brandon Chapman, George Hardy, Tom Bubrig, Brett Roberts, Michael Bienvenu, Natalie Hultman, Jamey Faucheux, Megan Bickham, Melvin Moten, Brad Magner, Ashley Ultman, Reuben DeTiege, Jordan Napolitano, Dominique Creppel, Maestri Dale, Paul Dale, Charles Early, Rudy Garza, Michael Hartson, Sam Jones, Mohammad Kamran, Alisha Lafontaine, Gage Lafontaine, Jonathan Monte, Michael Rees, Lauren Rieth, Joe Sunseri, Steven Tanner

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Michael Todd searches for the truth about a girl’s disappearance, and finds more than he should.

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