Crash Pad (2017)

Release Date: 27 October 2017
Runtime: mins
Genres Comedy Romance
Actors Nina Dobrev, Domhnall Gleeson, Christina Applegate, Thomas Haden Church, Anna Van Hooft, Aliyah O'Brien, Britt Irvin, Anja Savcic, Nils Hognestad, Donna Benedicto, Sunita Prasad, Julian Christopher, Dan Gill, BJ Harrison, Vladimir Ruzich, Jesse Reid, Rohan Campbell, Balinder Johal, Marcus Hondro, Candus Churchill, Seth Whittaker, Dylan Archambault, Ben Jacobs, April Cameron, Peter Brown

A hopeless romantic, who thinks he’s found true love with an older woman, learns that she’s married and that the fling is merely an instrument of revenge against her neglectful husband.


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