Drone Wars (2016)

Release Date: 30 March 2016
Runtime: mins
Genres Action Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Corin Nemec, Kaden Vu, Jude Lanston, Melorine Adler, Jake Allyn, Jolene Andersen, Adrian Avila, Paige Lauren Billiot, Verona Blue, Nathin Butler, Curtis K Case, Corey Craig, Camille Grenier, Sean Gunnell, Mark Haptonstall, Alex J. Joseph, Sonny King, James Aston Lake, Whitney Moore, Spiro Papas, Corin Smith, James Tucker, Kelcey Watson, Corey Weber

When drones arrive in a flash, slaughtering humanity and stripping the Earth of its resources, a small team of scientists hiding in Los Angeles works to expel the drone menace once and for all.


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