Faces in the Crowd (2011)

Release Date: 7 October 2011
Runtime: 103 mins
Genres crime Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Milla Jovovich, Julian McMahon, David Atrakchi, Michael Shanks, Marianne Faithfull, Sarah Wayne Callies, Valentina Vargas, Kate Yacula, Apollonia Vanova, Nels Lennarson, Chris Kalhoon, Aaron Hughes, Aaron Grain, Michael James, Jason Wishnowski, G. Patrick Currie, Robert Moloney, Curtis Moore, Sebastien Roberts, David Ingram, Anthony Lemke, Stephen Huszar, Jordan Witzel, Darcy Fehr, Adam Harrington, Stephen Gomori, Jeff Pangman, Stephen Powell, Jerry Getty, Kevin Aichele

watch  Faces in the Crowd 20111 online free A horror-thriller centered on a woman living with “face-blindness” after surviving a serial killer’s attack. As she lives with her condition, one in which facial features change each time she loses sight of them, the killer closes in


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