Forest Fairies (2015)

Release Date:
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Adventure Family Fantasy
Actors Emily Agard, Lora Burke, Brian Scott Carleton, Winny Clarke, Grey Cooper, Keith Cooper, Quinn Cooper, Xavier Cooper, Adrian Cowan, Esmay Daniels, Ruby Daniels, Raanan Dasilva, Emily Day, Sean Deakin, Chloe Dennis, Tracey Dennis, Marco Deufemia, Roy Everatt, Jordan Ferrier, Melanie Ferrier, Kyle Francis, Graham Gauthier, Pepe the Horse, Kenneth Howarth, Susan Howarth, Trinity Irviing, Phyola James, Jacqueline Karabatos, Grayson Lloyd, Abby Macmillan

Amanda’s horse Tanner helps her discover a hidden village of FOREST FAIRIES who offer to help stop an…


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