Grey Agenda (2017)

Release Date: 1 October 2017
Runtime: 128 mins
Genres Action Adventure Sci-Fi Science Fiction Thriller
Actors Tim Newkirk, Robb Hudspeth, Larry Stanley, Andrew Sather, John Baran, Chris Andrews, Kasey Darlene, Timothy Green, Carly Capra, Kenny Gardner, Sandra Abernathy, Savannah Low, Bridgette Mishelle, Eduardo Zambrana, Morris Jones, Lamar Rhymes, Steve Sandfort, Suzanne Racz, Ash B. Glenn, Scott Rumsey, Cynthia Santiago, Sarah Allen, Cassie King, Rich Kordsmeier, Aaron Acevedo Gonzalez, Peter J. Calvin, Randy D. Shoemake, Will Thompson, Ed Brennan, Chrissy Kachurak

In this Sci-Fi thriller, when a group of friends go missing, the local Police are shocked at the return of a mysterious stranger. While searching for their missing friends, they uncover a dark secret and the truth behind the ‘Grey Agenda’.


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