Hush Money (2017)

Release Date: 2017
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Drama Thriller
Actors Kennedy Waite, Rodney Grier, Joshua Ray, Scott Croushore, Walter Anaruk, Portia Prescott, Jeff Rood, Holly Westwood, Tania Henderson, Cathy Washburn, Carmine DePaulo, Lincoln Fisher, David Waite, Kairi White, Dan Scales, Scott Hogg, Matthew J. Plumb, Dawn Green, Mike Green, Melody Hyde, Emma DeYoung, Zal Hyde, Macayla Hyde, Sydney Marley, Katherine Fisher, Beth Rohr, Addison Fisher, Keenan Hutcheson, Nick Kleckler, Dwayne Brown

An art teacher’s plans fall apart when he kidnaps a ballplayer’s daughter to repay a debt to a ruthless mob boss.


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