If Looks Could Kill (2016) (TV)

Release Date: 10 April 2017
Runtime: mins
Genres Drama Thriller
Actors Stefanie Estes, Summer Spiro, Tomek Kosalka, Andrew Appleyard, James Cullen Bressack, Blaine Maye, Jonnie Parnell, Gary Sievers, Mark Adam Goff, Lea McCormick, Rick Vyper, Sidney Flack, Jay Dee, Joe Mackey, Brian Shoop, Erin Elizabeth Cook, Angela Soldier, Ginger Gilmartin, Debbi Tucker, Samantha Bryant, Chad Baker, Josiah Overstreet, Shannon Moree Smith, Ernie Robinson, DeAnna Little, Katy Baker, Les Little, Janie Luper, Samantha Ludlow, Jessica Clay

Based on true events, Faith is proud to finally be a cop in her hometown where she joins old flame Paul on the force…


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