Instrument of War (2017)

Release Date: 23 November 2017
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Action Drama History war
Actors Jack Ashton, Elliot James Langridge, Daniel Betts, Rupert Simonian, Urs Rechn, Andrea Deck, Andreas Wisniewski, Callum McGowan, Barney White, Matthias Zera, Ethan Kai, Ethan Vincent, Christopher Lakewood, Daniel O'Keefe, David Brumberg, Deividas Breive, Elvinas Juodkazis, Edgar Bechter, Dovydas Laukys, Jonas Braskys, Artiomas Rybakovas, Ervinas Peteraitis, Dovydas Stoncius, Tomas Zaibus

Watch Full Movie: Instruments Of Was (2017)When U.S. B-24 bomber pilot Clair Cline is shot down and captured in northern Germany, one war ends and another begins — to keep hope alive. Now behind Nazi barbed wire and oppression, Cline and his fellow POW’s must find a way to bond together to not just survive but transcend their captivity. Inspired by true events.


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