Obvious Child (2014)

Release Date: 29 August 2014
Runtime: 84 mins
Genres Comedy Romance
Actors Jenny Slate, Paul Briganti, Gaby Hoffmann, Stephen Singer, Richard Kind, Polly Draper, Gabe Liedman, Jake Lacy, Cindy Cheung, Ernest Mingione, Cyrus McQueen, David Cross, Maciek Jasik, Jennifer Kim, Suzanne Lenz, Emily Tremaine, Stacey Sargeant, Brenda Birkeland, Kelly Frances Ramsey, Judith Reid, Robert Conant, Karla Conford, Norm Gennarelli, Pat Keegan, Angeliki Koutsos, Jackline F. Lamiscarre, Gail Lott, Peter Mastando, Giuseppe Moreni, Doris Santera

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A twenty-something comedienne’s unplanned pregnancy forces her to confront the realities of independent womanhood for the first time.


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