Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)

Release Date: 30 October 2015
Runtime: 107 mins
Genres Comedy Drama
Actors Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie, Joaquim de Almeida, Ann Dowd, Scoot McNairy, Zoe Kazan, Dominic Flores, Reynaldo Pacheco, Louis Arcella, Octavio Gómez Berríos, Luis Chávez, Azucena Diaz, Damian Delgado, Nina Leon, Luis Usey, Luis Carlos Guevara, Olga Gamboa, Edgar Arreola, Carmela Zumbado, Casiano Ancalle, James Castillo Collantes, Manuel A. Diaz Lozada, Eric Suriano, Ruthy Pineda, Martina Griffin, Esterlina Garcia, Daniel Rildo Sanchez, Matilda Del Toro, Stuart Besser

watch Our Brand Is Crisis 2015 online free  A battle-hardened American political consultant is sent to help re-elect a controversial president in Bolivia, where she must compete with a long-term rival working for another candidate.


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