Streets of East L A (2016)

Release Date: 21 March 2016
Runtime: mins
Genres Action
Actors Paz de la Huerta, Damian Chapa, William McNamara, Mariano Mendoza, Oliver Gruber, Christian Serritiello, Monique Yates Jr., Michael Tari, Patricia Cournoyer, Nicola Mayerl, Gerald Clarke, Ustinovk Freites, Jerome Cheung, Shane McDonagh, D. Allen Jr.Alden, Steven Nash, Pan Qui Ping, Joanne Walker, Chen Su Pin, Yurbi Marrufo, Stephen Cheung, Raquel Althoff, Richie Pierce, Xu Biao, Dinesh Rajput, Adelaida Lacourt, Fernando Ordaz, Julia Walker, Roy Gao, Tulio Menezes

A Chicano Gangster Micky Solis finds that his family has been slaughtered by the Chinese mob. His whole life force turns into finding the killers..


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