Susie Sunshine (2016)

Release Date: 17 March 2016
Runtime: 15 mins
Genres Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Short
Actors Madeleine McGraw, Melissa Marie Elias, Michelle Farrah Huang, Alan Maxson, Katee Shean, Madeline Peters, Jeff Corbett, Jessica Howell, Valerie Tosi, Michael James Kelly, Sarah Phillips, Josh Davis, Marisa Ruby, Laetitia Leon, Jonathan Ohye, Geoffrey Wade, Ben Kacsandi, Samuel Whitten, Courtney Cook, Ariel Barber, Erin Bennett, Kym Allen, Jon Manganello, Josh LaCasse, Ally Wyzgoski, Sara Greenfield, Jase Lindgren, Beryl Brachman, Raven Scott, Ruth Coughlin

An alternate world void of pollution exists, thanks to Martin Energy, a power plant that runs on the strength of women. ‘Energy Makers’ are highly trained women that can convert their emotions into renewable resources such as electricity, sunshine, and fire. The men in suits that run Martin Energy push the girls to supply energy in amounts that are sure to burn them out. But Susie, the company’s star sunshine maker, threatens the imposed order when she learns she can do more than supply sunshine


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