The Blackout (2009)

Release Date:
Runtime: 80 mins
Genres Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Barbara Streifel Sanders, Joseph Dunn, Ian Malcolm, Michael Caruso, Caroline Rich, Anthony Tedesco, James Martinez, John Gorman, Alexis Zibolis, Ace Gibson, Horace Martin, Larry Omaha, Ashby de la Plaine, Abigail Droeger, Tyler Armstrong, Edward Gusts, Chris Pauley, Claire Cole, Tomi Hinkkanen, Jeff Huit, Roshmond Patten, Sara Shomof, Schuyler Sokolow, Barbara Caruso

watch The Blackout 2009 online free It’s Christmas Eve, the city goes dark, and the few remaining tenants of The Ravenwood find themselves trapped in their building. And they are not alone.


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