The Girl in the Book (2015)

Release Date: 11 December 2015
Runtime: 86 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Emily VanCamp, Michael Nyqvist, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Talia Balsam, Ali Ahn, Mason Yam, Courtney Daniels, Jordan Lage, Michael Cristofer, David Call, Malin Edengard, Violet Bailes, Bianca Bauer, Christa Beth Campbell, Lena Cigleris, Shirley Ephraim, Rachael Forster, Andrew Hunt Gordon, Marissa Rose Gordon, Nancy Marlowe Gordon, Garlan Green, Josh Green, Miki Hanta, Felix Hiciano, Aja Hinds, Glenn Isaacs, Miranda Jean Larson, Joseph LeViness, Ivanova Marte, Lisa Masters

watch The Girl in the Book 2015 online free  Set in the world of New York publishing, a young book editor is forced to confront a troubling chapter from her past when a bestselling author re-enters her life.


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