The Holly Kane Experiment (2017)

Release Date: 25 March 2017
Runtime: 103 mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Nicky Henson, Emma Davies, Simon Hepworth, Kirsty Averton, Sophie Barker, Tom Clear, Lindsey Campbell, Justin Hayward, Tom Cox, Nicolas Fagerberg, Euan Macnaughton, Claire Ashton, Matthew Neal, Nathan Robinson, George Stocks, Axel Kaae, Steve Doyle, James Rose, Aidan Creegan, Steve Sipple, Stevie Raine, Joel Grizzle, Sian Dobson, Will Harrison-Wallace, David Munarriz, Kian Vaziri, Richard Grills, Jim Banks, Carl Morgan, Gary Swann-Baker

An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogramme her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control.


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