The Purge: Election Year (2016) Watch HD Full Movie

Release Date: 1 July 2016
Runtime: 105 mins
Genres Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel, Terry Serpico, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor, Barry Nolan, Liza Colón-Zayas, Ethan Phillips, Adam Cantor, Christopher James Baker, Jared Kemp, Brittany Mirabile, Raymond J. Barry, Naeem Duren, Naheem Garcia, Steven Barkhimer, Tom Kemp, Portland Helmich, Roman Blat, David Aaron Baker, George Lee Miles, Antoine Coetzee, Drew Cooper, Johnnie Mae, Tom Paolino, Emily Petta, Christopher Cagle

watch The Purge: Election Year 2016 online free  Years after sparing the man who killed his son, former police sergeant Barnes has become head of security for Senator Charlie Roan, a Presidential candidate targeted for death on Purge night due to her vow to eliminate the Purge.


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