The Sector (2016)

Release Date: 5 July 2016
Runtime: 86 mins
Genres Sci-Fi
Actors Eric Roberts, John Wesley Shipp, Lance Henriksen, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Vernon Wells, Richard Tyson, James Wlcek, Mark Hanson, Aileen Burdock, Mollie Milligan, Susana Gibb, Richard Jackson, Matthew Tompkins, Carl Bailey, Gail Cronauer, Michael Crabtree, Mike Lobo Daniel, Kim Foster, Josh Henry, Anita Vora, Frank Crim, Kayla Carlyle, Julius Washington, Kari Ruth, Chad Cline, Ty Tornes, Jimmy Lee Kelley, Paddy Connor, Jessica Mayorga, Bill Poague

watch The Sector 2016 online free    In a dystopian world, a bounty hunter sets out to capture a ruthless band of outlaws who have kidnapped an important father and daughter through a world of multiverses. Unbeknownst to the Outlaws and the Bounty Hunter is that another, more powerful man known only as The Finisher has plans of his own. |


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